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Some back issues of KBR magazine are available, while supplies last. Volume 1#1 - Volume 7#4 are out of print.

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Christ: The Apple of Our Eye Theme • New Expanded Format • "Cranberry Wreaths" Craft • "Heroines of History": Sarah Edwards • Thematic Interview with Amy Vest • Our Books, Our Companions by Elisha Ann W. • Finding Fulfillment in Jesus Christ by Naomi W. • Our First Love by Bekah M. • Cultivating a Heart for Home by Sarah M. • Cozy Spices Recipes • Subscriber's Script: Erin H. • 32 pg.



VOLUME 11 Issue 1 WIN15

Broken and Spilled Out Theme • Broken for Christ • Surrender: A Sacrifice Far Too Small • Thematic Interview with Megan Roach • Does My Life Bear the Fragrance of Christ Mrs. Martha B. • Why is Purity Important? Pt. 2 By Elisha Ann • The Command With A Promise • A Day in the Life Of... Sarah W. • Celebrating Ten Years of Publication • 32 pg.

Out of Print


VOLUME 11 Issue 2 SPR15

The Law of Kindness Theme • Building Up Your Family With Words • Thematic Interview with Rachel Gray • How Powerful Are Our Words? by Mrs. Martha B. • Our Crises, Our Challenge by Elisha Ann • What Is Your Mind Soaking Up? • Subscriber's Script: Emma S. • 32 pg.



VOLUME 11 Issue 3 SUM15

Fortifying for the Future Theme • Establishing Life Skills • What Should I do Next? - Life After Graduation• Preparing for the Future by Mrs. Martha B. • I Know Better than Mom, Right? By Elisha Ann • Glorifying God in Our Friendships, by Sarah Bryant • Subscriber's Script: Katie B. • 32 pg.



VOLUME 11 Issue 4 AUT15

In the World, Not Of It Theme • Equipped for the Journey • Interview with Rebecca S. • Every Girl's Dream: To Be Accepted • The Lord is My Shepherd • Fortifying for Persecution • Finding Fulfillment in Jesus by Taryn and Mirren Martin • Subscriber's Script: Victoria S. • 32 pg.



VOLUME 12 Issue 1 WIN16

Contentment in God's Providence Theme • Interview with Rebecca L. • A Life of Contentment: Francis Havergal • Growing in God's Waiting Room • Legalism or License • God Honoring Music by Mrs. Martha B. • New Gleanings Column • Memorize Scripture! • Subscriber's Script: Jesse B. • Joyful Expectation • 32 pg.



VOLUME 12 Issue 2 SPR16

Magnify the Lord Theme • The Key to Magnifying Jesus • Interview with Mrs. Donna M. • I Want to Be Happy! • Be an Investor! • Will You Carry On? • Sharing Life through Social Media • Our Bridegrom: Rekindling the Joy of Being His • Subscriber's Script: Hannah B. • 32 pg.



VOLUME 12 Issue 3 SUM16

Freeing Power of Forgiveness • The Path of Forgiveness • Me? Bitter? • Mom, I Forgive You • Interview with Mrs. Joy B. • Don't Keep a Record of Wrongs • Radiant Purity by Elisha Ann E. • Summer Lemonade Party Special Feature • Subscriber's Script: Jasmine S.



VOLUME 12 Issue 4 AUT16

Treasuring Siblings Theme Building Lasting Sibling Relationships A Treasure Worth Pursuing by Tiffany S. • Interview with Chelsy and Allison B. Time to Look Beyond Yourself by Samantha P. I Want it My Way by Mrs. Martha B. The Gem of Contentment by Elisha E. Subscriber's Script: Bethany M. Honor Your Parents by Sarah H.



VOLUME 13 Issue 1 WIN17

Obedience: The Acid Test of Love ThemeSacrifices of Love: Cultivating an Obedient Heart Interview with Mrs. Darlene N. • A Striking Testimony: Katharina Von Bora Luther • God's Word: What do You Do With It? Mud Everywhere by Elisha E. Subscriber's Script: Alyssa C. • The Power of Wise Words by Taryn and Mirren M.



VOLUME 13 Issue 2 SPR17

Cultivating a Heart at Home Theme Your Attitude Matters! Interview with Amber S. The Ministry of Hospitality Preparing to Be a Keeper at Home: It's More Than You Think by Shari M. Gleanings from Ruth Be Transformed! by Mrs. Martha B. Thoughts that Count by Elisha E. Subscriber's Script: Claire E. Contentment is a Journey by Mrs. Megan C.



VOLUME 13 Issue 3 SUM17

Faithful Stewardship Theme Stewarding our Gifts Christ-Centered Time StewardshipInterview with Mrs. Kathy A. Be all There! by Dani C. Sarah: A Life Full of Faith Be Transformed: The Narrow Road of Holiness Pt. 2 by Mrs. Martha B. The Underappreciated Majority by Elisha E. Subscriber's Script: Allison R. Lord, Make Me Beautiful: Radiating Christ in Your Life and Wardrobe by Bethany C. Current Issue